Tips for choosing the right colors — Every graphic designer needs to know

Finding the best colors to suit your project might be difficult sometimes. Therefore you will need the right knowledge and know-how to use the tools available to you, so finding the perfect eye-catching color palette will become much easier.

Don’t worry! Because this time we will share with you 5 quick tips for choosing a color scheme.

Know your color context

Our perception of color changes depending on how it contrasts with other colors. When choosing a color scheme, have a solid idea of how much contrast you want between the colors in your scheme. Choosing high-contrast colors is easy enough, but finding colors that work together can be a time-consuming process, luckily there are tools to help speed things up.

Get familiar with the color wheel

Indeed, the color wheel is an incredible tool you can use to apply different colors to your designs. There are two main aspects of the color wheel that every beginner should know: how to pick different colors and then how to identify them.

Every color on the color wheel can be identified by a unique hex code. Hex codes are incredibly useful if you want to reuse the same colors in multiple designs — which is an essential skill for consistent branding.

Focus on a single color

Monochromatic color schemes are simple yet elegant. They lend a clean and fresh look to any graphic design. While they lack contrast, monochromatic color schemes can be the perfect choice for a bright and attention-grabbing flyer, brochure, or business card.

Try multiple color schemes

You shouldn’t feel limited to only the color schemes mentioned. There are several other options like triadic color schemes or split complementary schemes. Each color scheme has its own advantages, don’t hesitate to play around with them. Explore the endless possibilities and you will get better at graphic design.

Never stop exploring!

While preset color schemes are helpful when just starting out, do not feel anchored to using them. Use the information in this blog post to create your own schemes and save them. A good place to start building color schemes is by choosing one color and building from that. If you introduce too many colors at once, it can be hard to find ways to make them work together.

Choosing the perfect color scheme for any graphic design can be a time-consuming process but it can also be fun if you are using the right tools and have the right resources. There is no greater feeling than finally finding the perfect colors that make your design stand out and look great.

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